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February—Fall in LOVE….with YOUR LIBRARY!!!

Library Shelves

February is National Library Lovers Month:


The entire month of February is dedicated not only to the people who love other people, but to those lovers of whole buildings—LIBRARIES…those places we know and love that are devoted to the reading, housing, organizing, categorizing, finding, studying and otherwise loving books.  

All libraries, whether school, public, academic or special, are more than just brick and mortar; they provide so much more to our society than simply a place for us to “enjoy great novels or to discover amazing adventures and untold history” through books.  Libraries, in many ways, help to define us as a society. They are civic temples…edifices of culture. For many communities, libraries serve as civic spaces—meeting places for public forums and a housing space for many community activities and events (e.g., for socials, for art exhibitions, for educational classes, and for preservation services, preserving and housing historical documents, or just a place to “come in out of the cold” of life). Yet, they can be even more. In his October 1, 1976 dedication speech for Connecticut College’s Shain Library, Kurt Vonnegut described this alchemical interaction of the library:


Meditationisholytome,forIbelievethatallthesecretsofexistenceandnonexistencearesomewhereinourheads.AndIbelievethatreadingandwritingarethemostnourishingformsofmeditationanyonehasso farfound. Byreadingthewritingsofthemostinterestingmindsinhistory,wemeditatewithourownmindsandtheirsaswell.This to meisa miracle. Themotto ofthisnoble libraryisthemottoofallmeditatorsthroughoutalltime:‘Quiet,please.’


Continue enjoying your library, but also consider volunteering your time, too.  If you don’t have a library card, it’s never too late!  Visit your library to get one!  And, last but not least, use #NationalLibraryLoversDay to share on social media.


So, what is happening in the School Media Librarian Program at Eastern Kentucky University? Well, we, as program faculty, are making a move to change the official name of our program from its current School Media Librarian (MAEd.) and/or Library Science (for Rank I and Certification programs) to School Librarian for all programs. Though the job of school librarian encompasses myriad titles around the country, from Library Media Specialist, to Teacher-Librarian, to School Media Librarian, etc., as program faculty we felt that we wanted to “make a stand” and align our program title with the governing organization’s (ALA/AASL) title for the position, School Librarian. In other news, Dr. Yi and Dr. Turner are working on the final draft of an article to be coming out soon in the journal, School Libraries Worldwide, regarding the primary technology skills and competencies we found school librarians exhibiting in Kentucky.

Published on February 21, 2019

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