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Secondary Education and P-12 Certification

Students seeking certification to teach in grades 5-12, 8-12, and P-12 complete academic majors in EKU colleges outside of the College of Education. Teacher preparation courses are taken in the College of Education. Students are guided by academic advisors in the department of their major and education advisors in the College of Education.

Professional Core 

EDF 203 (or EDF 310 for students transferring courses equivalent to EDF 203 from other institutions) provides the gateway through which students must satisfactorily pass in order to be formally admitted to an undergraduate Teacher Education program.

Generally all secondary programs require the following courses for the Professional Core, but variations of the courses may be offered for different secondary majors:

EDC 300; EDF203, 204(2), 219, 413, EMS300W, 474, 490, SED104 (á´³Element6), and 14 credit hours of Clinical Experiences: CED100 (0), 200(0), 300(0.5), 400(0.5), 450(1), 499(12).

After admission to EKU and completion of at least 30 hours of undergraduate classes, students must apply for admission to the Professional Education Program (typically in the sophomore year). All students meeting the requirements for admission to the Professional Education Program will be admitted.  Applicants must have a 2.75 GPA and meet other requirements outlined here

For more information contact:
Dr. Stacey Korson, Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Combs 103)

If you ALREADY have an undergradute degree and are interested in earning teacher certification at the graduate level, learn more about our Master of Arts in Teaching Program.

Content Area

Content Advisors

Contact this professor/advisor to learn more about the class in the major

Education Liaison

Contact this professor/advisor to learn about the education requirements

Art Education (P-12)

Ilona Szekely

Stacey Korson

Biology (8-12)

Malcolm Frisbie

Stacey Korson

Business and Marketing

Kirby Easterling

Stacey Korson

Career/Tech Ed: Agriculture

Mike McDermott

Stacey Korson

Career/Tech Ed: Technical Education

Tim Ross/Steve Fardo

Stacey Korson

Chemistry (8-12)

Judy Jenkins

Stacey Korson

English (8-12)

Heather Fox

Stacey Korson

Family & Consumer Science

Jackie Jensen

Stacey Korson


Abbey Poffenberger

Stacey Korson

History (8-12)

John Bowes

Cynthia Resor

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE)

Noah Neidlinger/Dana Bush/Tammy North

Stacey Korson

Math (8 -12)

Margaret Yoder

Richard Day

Music (P -12)

Christine Carucci

Nicola Mason

Physics (8-12)

Jing Wang/ Jessica Lair Stacey Korson

DUAL certification in English and Social Studies (8-12)

Heather Fox, English
Jennifer Spock, History
Stacey Korson
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